Core & Grip Work

This class will challenge your core stregth by adding dynamic elements such as suspension work, balance, isometric holds and much more. On top of that you will leave the class unable to close your hands due to the intensive forearm work we will hammer out.
Mondays @7pm.

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Climbing Movement

This course is about developing proper climbing technique and perfecting it. In a sense, the class is practice in how to practice. Beginner or experienced this low intensity skills based class will provide you with the tools to elevate your climbing abilities to the next level.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday @6pm.

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Climbing Fitness

This course focuses on high intensity climbing in order to get in a full body workout. Elevating your heart rate then getting on the climbing wall and maintaining your composure is a large proponent of this class. Bike sprints, planks, and pulling hard.
Monday @6:00pm, Tuesday & Wednesday @7:00pm,

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General Fitness

Climbers, non athletes, tri-athletes and everyone inbetween come and have some fun using all the toys the gym has to offer with the goal of getting strong with a group of like minded motivation individuals.
Strength Tuesdays @6:00pm, Power Endurance Wednesdays @6:00pm, Strength Thursdays @ 7:15pm, Power Endurance Fridays @ 7:00pm

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Active recovery training days are just as important if not more important as your high intensity days. So come do some yoga in our above the bouldering wall loft.
Satudays @ 8am

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