Live the climbing and fitness lifestyle

Summit offers the best team environment for the kids to learn, practice, and perform no matter your current ability, age, and level. Along with the specialized space of Summit, coaching and training is our profession. Climbing training, strength training, and coaching is not a hobby at Summit, it is our passion and career. With the experience of Coach Kubi, we plan to build a climbing team that is inclusive, strong both mentally and physically and most of all, FUN!

The gym is reserved for team members only during team practice hours, no distractions from the general public. This will ensure the most high quality and focused practice possible.

Charter Member Program

•September through June, $50 per month
•2 nights week of coached practice (2 hours each night for advanced, 1 hour each night for recreational)
• Sunday & Thursday 5-7 pm (5-6 pm recreational)
•Unlimited open gym time (subject to open hours)
• $50 per month


•10% Discounted gym services for family members (parents & siblings)
•Coach is USA-C certified (allows coach to enter isolation at regionals, divisional, etc.)
•Sibling discounts (each additional child will be 20% off)
•Access to shoe discounts with Scarpa & Five Ten (up to 50% off)

When to Join

In order to be a part of the charter member pricing you must sign up prior to November 2017. After then prices and perks are subject to change.

Join Now!

Sign up now while spots are available and before the Charter member pricing expires.