Youth Climbing Program

The climbing team program is about preparing kids to become competition climbers and life time devotees to the lifestyle of rock climbing and fitness. The gym is reserved for team members only during team practice hours, no distractions from the general public. This will ensure the most high quality and focused practice possible in order to receive the greatest value for your time investment.

Our one day a week spring/summer trial period will cover;

  • The importance of Practicing skills
  • Understanding of when and how to climb at a high intensity as well as how to prepare for it
  • Introducing new climbing training tools 
  • Learn how to properly condition the antagonist muscles (opposing or pushing muscle in this case)to keep the body in proper balance.
  • Develop the discipline to perform a proper off the wall warm up and cool down in order to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Provide the resources  and motivation to build self confidence in your climbing ability
  • Suggestions of things to do on your own time (skills to practice, “recovery” work, etc)
  • Develop a fun loving, hard working community of kids that love to climb and love to push each other in a positive manner.       


1 month requirement
$70 per month
Sunday 5-7:00pm

Opportunities to climb outside at Devils Lake State Park.


50% off one open gym session per week for child and one family member, 10% off private coaching. Coach will be USA-C certified and there will be at least one certified trainer on hand.

When to Join:

Any time, ideally it would be the first session of the month but if that doesn’t work out you would pay a prorated cost to get through the end of the month.