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            We focus on helping active individuals return to the activities that bring fulfillment to their lives.  We bring a specialized focus to the endurance athlete population, helping to pull them out of the typical healthcare model and get them back to the training that they love to perform.  Most soft tissue and boney injuries occur from training flaws or limited tissue capacity.  We help work with individuals to address these issues and the best way to address this is through getting the athletes TRAINING again.

           The process begins with a decision from the individual that it is time for change.  It is time to take ownership of your future.  In choosing Peak Endurance we make a promise to you that you will experience the change in physical therapy away from the typical “physical therapy mill” environment of continually performing the same exercises that you have already mastered, passive modalities, and being treated with multiple other patients at the same time.  We make the commitment to you for 60 minutes of one-on-one care with impactful exercise progression.  Our job is to guide you down the path of pain free motion and the return to full activity.  You are the one who will create change in your life and we are here to help guide you through that process.

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Spencer Agnew, PT, DPT

Founder of Peak Endurance , Physical Therapist, and Performance Coach

Dr. Spencer began running in middle school as an outlet for him to make social connections and better himself for basketball.  He immediately found success and enjoyment in the sport.  Like most middle school kids he was at a cross roads when entering high school and was unsure whether he would continue with this new found sport of running, or follow his friend group into football until one meeting he had with two of the most impactful people in his life over the next four years.  Following a home middle school track meet the head cross country coach Chick Westby and Fort Atkinson stand out runner Ryan Gasper (who went on to win multiple Big Ten championships for the Badgers!) came to encourage him to run cross country the following year.  What seems like a small task turned out to change Spencer’s life.  Running has changed his life forever and he was pushed to this decision from one short conversation.  To this day he will tell you the importance of the small conversations.  You can change a person’s life through kind words, inclusion, and the importance of community. 

Spencer went on to compete at the collegiate level in track and cross country at Marquette University.  Following graduation from Marquette he took his love for movement and the human body to the University of Wisconsin – Madison where he graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2018.

Spencer now enjoys spending time with his wife (Megan), son (Elliot), dog (Stella), family and friends.  He continues to train and runs for Wisconsin Runner Racing Team.  When he isn’t spending time at home, running, or working, he enjoys spending time outdoors camping, fishing, hiking, watching sports (GO BUCKS), a good cup of coffee, and drinking the periodic lager from a local brewery.  His goal as a physical therapist and business owner is to help you achieve yours.  He wants to help change the face of wellness and push people towards a fitness forward mindset.

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