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Core, Grip, Mobility

This class challenges your core strength by focusing on dynamic elements such as suspension work, balance, isometric holds, and much more. During each session, you will practice movements to mobilize larger joints (such as shoulders and hips) to help minimize the risk of injury. In fact, the workout is so intense you may have trouble closing your hands at the end of class. 

SESSION (Wednesdays @ 6pm)  

60-minute coached class. You are welcome to come early and leave late to do your own warm-up and cool-down or to climb on your own. We recommend pairing this class with one other structured workout per week.


  • Body Tension
  • Shoulder Mobility
  • Forearm Stamina
  • Finger Strength
  • Injury Prevention and Recovery


  • Systems Board
  • Campus Board
  • Finger Boards
  • Rings
  • Free Weights