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Head Coach, Trainer & Owner

Keith Kubiesa; NSCA-CSCS

Also known as Coach Kubi, Keith is the founder and owner of Summit Strength & Fitness.  He has had his CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) designation from the NSCA (national strength & conditioning association) since 2012. 

His goal with the individuals he works with is to present the proper knowledge to help them become sustainable and comfortable in performing in the weight room and on the playing field.  The Coach Kubi approach to training lies within developing a personalized approach to help individuals reach their goals outside of the gym. He does this by focusing on specificity in strength training, mental awareness, and building a solid foundation from the ground up.  Along with working with individuals, he is also the head coach of the University of Wisconsin rock climbing team. 

Outside of coaching climbing and fitness classes at Summit Strength & Fitness, he enjoys spending his time mountain biking, hunting with his dogs, snowboarding and traveling with his family. 

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