• Madison's gym for aspiring climbers and athletes.
  • All abilities welcome - our goal is to help you improve no matter your climbing experience or fitness level.
  • Uninterrupted training - no distractions at Madison's gym for aspiring climbers and athletes. No open.
  • All abilities welcome - our goal is to help you improve no matter your climbing experience or fitness level.

Don’t just follow the route.

We’re all about developing the climbers’ mindset, crystallizing goals and honing techniques. It’s more than just following the route, it’s about finding your strengths and learning from your weaknesses. Here are our values in practice.


We break down skillsets and drill down on what you’re after with proven methods.


Certified staff, hands-on training and concise takeaways help unlock potential.


Support and accountability to help move athletes through the road map.

Feeling the Love

“The training with Keith is challenging but approachable. He knows how hard to push without going over the edge. He is realistic but also encouraging. He is very aware of what it takes to better a climber’s abilities and is able to give advice in small enough pieces that it is clear what the next step in training is. I have not only built strength and confidence but also patience and worth.”


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Personal & Small Group Coaching

Sessions built to suit your needs. Includes instruction plus nutrition, recommendations and more.

Let's do this

See how Coach Kubi can take your physical abilities to the next level.

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Drop in Classes

Training for general fitness, high intensity climbing, skill development, drills and circuits designed to accelerate performance.

C'mon up

Get with a group of like minded and aspiring climbers and athletes.

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Schedule & Open Gym

Open gym hours are limited and participants are encouraged to follow a training plan in order to avoid a social hour at the gym.

But seriously

These restrictions help us deliver on our promise of uninterrupted training for motivated climbers, athletes, and anyone trying to get the most value for their time.

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Youth Climbing Team

Preparing kids to become national level competition climbers and life time devotees to the lifestyle of rock climbing and fitness.

Accepting Dreamers

Build your skills and confidence with people who've been there so you can too.

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