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3118 Kingsley Way Madison, WI

Our Story

Summit is a place to focus—to tune out the distractions that keep you from achieving goals.

At Summit, you won’t bump elbows with other climbers on the wall or trip over tourists who have just come for the day.

This is a private space, with limited membership, where climbers can train. Our coaches can help sharpen your mindset, build strength, and perfect your techniques. And they’re happy to help, whether you’re an experienced climber or dusting your hands with chalk for the first time.

Additionally, our coaches aren’t amateurs or part-timers. Climbing is their profession, so their lessons come from years of experience in the gym and on the rocks. Train with us, and you’ll learn how to move with greater confidence and skill while enjoying every moment of a climb.

Why Summit?

Keith Kubiesa (aka Coach Kubi) established Summit in 2016 as a gym where you can strengthen your body and boost your climbing skill—no matter your age or ability. Essentially, he built the gym he craved as a climber and outdoor athlete. 

Kubi has been regularly climbing all over the country since 2012 (and for years prior to that in the gym).  He has taken those skills learned and uses them to coaches various organizations, such as the University of Wisconsin Climbing Team.  He also coached snowboarding for 10 years for Tyrol Basin Snowboard Team and the Windells Academy. And he employs coaches with similar credentials.

Through Summit, our experts help people—perhaps like you—enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Therefore, we help beginners, intermediate, and advanced climbers build muscle, hone climbing techniques, and reach new heights—literally.

So, spend some time on the wall with us so you can climb higher, better, and safer out in the wild.

I think the trainer really listened and did a good job testing my abilities. I think I will get the outcome I am looking for.

Jennifer A

The instructor is super nice. And I felt (happily) exhausted after training

Julie W.

Knowledgeable staff, amazing gym, Keith cares about the whole person and has the acumen to help all achieve their fitness and life goals. So positive!

Pauline C.

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Youth Climbing Team

Encourage your child to fall in love with climbing! Summit offers the best team environment for kids to learn, practice, and perform, no matter their current ability or age. During practice, youth work on improving their climbing movement and fitness with their peers. They also become part of a group that’s inclusive and focused on boosting mental and physical strength. And above all, they have FUN!

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