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Welcome to the Summit team Erica.

Let us introduce and Welcome Erica, our new Social Events Coordinator at Summit (as of March of 2024)! Erica is the one behind the camera, the social events, & the added stoke at Summit! Erica brings a vibrancy to our community and has revamped our social skills. She is helping us develop more opportunities to serve our community appropriately. Making you feel seen, heard and reflected in our gym’s mission. 

Erica is not just a social events coordinator, she is an avid outdoors-woman, fly fisher, snowboarder, climber, mother, etc. Now, in addition to all the hobbies Erica has outside of Summit, she is dedicated to creating engaging and enjoyable social events for all our members. Her goal is to foster a strong sense of community, making our gym not just a place to work out, but a place to connect, have fun, and make lasting friendships.

Join us in welcoming Erica to the team! Keep an eye on our social media and blog and be sure to participate in the exciting activities she has planned. Welcome to our fun loving community of outdoor enthusiasts.