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Re Opening post safer at home quarantine

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all have been doing well and finding ways to make this time an opportunity. I for one have spent a lot of time taking the next step towards making my home a “Homestead” by introducing honey bees, chickens, expanding my garden, building structures and spending more quality time with my family. I love the gym and I love working with all of you and I very much miss it. I also have realized during this time that I had limited parameters set for my work day when the gym was open at full capacity before the pandemic. I got caught up with doing way to much at the gym and not enough at home. So I would defiantly say for me that this shut down was a good thing. No I am not happy about not having work for my coaching staff, or not being able to see the kids in here climbing, or loss of members. What I am happy about is that this made me realize what is the most important things to focus on and that I have gotten a lot of support from you and the incredible community at summit. So I hope you all have some positive take away from this two month quarantine.

So onto the even better news, as of yesterday (5/26) we have opened back up to key club members and personal training clients (if you are interested let me know). Keep in mind this does not mean we are OPENING the front door or starting classes back up and there will be restrictions to ensure the safety of the community.

First, key club members have access to a spread sheet to fill out what times they will be coming to the gym. This spread sheet is split up into 30 minute time slots every day of the week / weekends. If you could fill out when you plan on coming in (please keep it to 2 hours or less) and if you end up not coming in or leaving early can you please remove your name.

Second, You must wash your hands right away upon entering the gym. Go to the bathroom and thoroughly wash your hands before touching anything other than the back door to get in. The same upon leaving the gym.

Third, spray and wipe down everything you use with the spray bottles and towels or lysol wipes around the gym. Dont forget the light switches, door handles and key pad on the back door.

Fourth do not eat inside the gym (out back is fine) and bring your own water bottle as we will no longer have drinking utensils available at the gym.

Fifth, if you choose to climb there will be no using loose chalk and when on the climbing wall please wear a mask to cover your face. Holds are tough to wash when on the wall and sometimes with out knowing how hard you are trying, you may grunt or yell and some particulates of moisture may come out accompanying that try hard yell.

Sixth, please remember to respect the space and comfort levels of those around you. We are all experiencing different levels of nervousness right now so dont assume everyone just because they are at the gym are feeling the same as you.

Thanks again for all your support and patience everyone. If you paused your membership no rush to start it back up if it is not financially possible or if you are not yet comfortable doing so. However if you do wish to restart your membership let me know and we will get it going again. If you are a class member that continued to pay during the shut down then I am considering you a current key club member at this time so you are welcome to sign up for time slots as well.

I hope all this makes sense and stay tuned as in the days to come I will send out more updates about what we are allowed and not allowed to do.


Coach Kubi

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